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Your Independent
Third Party Alternative
Investment Fund Manager

Allegro S.à r.l. is an independent third party management company providing AIFM and fund administration services to AIF, RAIF, non-AIF and UCITS funds. Our clients are large-scale institutional investors, international fund promoters and investment managers.

Fund launch and set-up

Allegro can help fund initiators establish their funds in Luxembourg, where we offer practical launching platforms for all types of alternative investment vehicles accepted by the law. We have supported the launches of a range of structures, including among others: FCPs, SICAVs, SCA, SCS, SCSp, and we are among the first to manage a fund vehicle governed by the RAIF law.

You can benefit from our knowledge of the regulatory, legal and fiscal regimes in Luxembourg to gain useful insights into the most suitable fund structuring route for your alternative investment funds.

You can access our network of service providers or we could work with other service provider of your preference without any difficulties, thanks to our integrative project management approach.
Our involvement in the launch of your funds can cover, among others, the following:
  • Providing the possibility to choose amongst various governance/ownership models
  • Creation and monitoring of action lists in view of the timely launch of the investment vehicle
  • Coordination with all relevant service providers
  • Design/documentation of process flows and operating memoranda

Ad hoc administrative and support activities

Given the unpredictable nature of the fund management business, you may find the need for ad-hoc administrative services due to unforeseen events, in particular legal restructuring, re-location, mergers and closures.

Allegro has the required expertise and experience to provide hands-on assistance in the restructuring and relocation of SIFs for international fund initiators and their investors, as well as for mergers, closures and other corporate projects.